A Perfect Window Layout approach:

— Evenly distributed at even numbers per screen if possible,scale-able distance from Screen Edge from 0 to 2 inches, with 1 Inch being the default and OPTIMAL distance.

— Same scaling applies between windows themselves, until a window is almost too small to use.

— — [I say Almost, as in MS Windows often lets windows far too small to use, which I approve the freedom, but it is not a user friendly element.]

— This applies to When there is even just one window open at the moment.

now the pretty part

—The rotation of windows shows as a direct Linear path to the calculated position.

— there is a [toggle-able] Blur effect.

— the animation of motion is mandatory; Two of the key functions of this whole thing is to keep the windows as pleasant to see, and as track-able as possible.


[showing an option to have the window distance be half of the border distance]
Notice the faded background when there is a floating window for Open / Save.

Applications with irregular shapes like Winamp could be centered, or at least attempted.

Current Options for Automatic Tiling:

So Far the closest thing I’ve found to this dream, is Plumb, and bug.n They’re not bad, but they lack the fluidity Window Tiling needs!