talkin i guess {May 11 2020}

So the Therapist I need, I need to talk to someone. Should I talk to myself? should I talk to the computer?

heloo computer

do you like Ice cream? me too.

i’m sorry you can’t actually enjoy ice cream, computer.

[[[this keyboard also is too loud please stand by]]]

There’s a lot happening right now.

This show goes on.

{this keyboard also is too loud please stand by}

Okay, I set the … whoa, this old Compaq keyboard feels pretty great actually. … damn. ok well so anyways, This watch was too tight on me, and I am realizing things . … .. overwhelmingly so.

I got a freakin’ Harmonious Silver Chalice today. Dragged it off the shelf over at VaLlUe
and a shimmering Ding rang so pure.

{a brief moment of nihilism occurs}

I also got his little silver urn thing for ashes, or sticks, or beeswax with beekeeper bones.

{some obvious clarity comes back around}

I act out the summary of what I Listen to. I have the void where a Sun should fill, but it doesn’t. My reality charges forward, ears first. Like a frickin’ bat.

This must be what it means to be a real vampire.

Suppose I do have the capacity to love like one. ___ 😉

& with a human-free diet, too! [besides the lovin’]

{this dialogue is absurd, we now continue the program}ad

The ol’ English flies never really got the luck at convincing the local sheep herder people to bug their sorry arses off themselves! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


um, ok there’s a plane up above, and

{then I stop typing because of this annoying tone I am hearing during this little show.}

Deborah, What’s up.

Oh, Nothin, I

‘m just Talkin’ about you!

Alr’right then git ooot

<———————————————————————————————————————— …Page 72.Av█>

WallMount Chargers ::: Physical auratus wired as a basic ‘Adaptermod’ Presets that were large, up to 3 whole inches wide, and charged ancient electronics like Cell Phones, Music Players, and a variety of novel artifacts of consumer society.

{L I B R A R Y O F F I C I A L}


So, What if I just stopped listening to music as a hobby?


and instead, let my music create the music for me?ad


surely that would be a solid source of ideas for a music careerad, nooo?????

ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad``ad ad``ad ad ad ad ad ad

How Twitter can Save the World

Twitter needs an atmosphere of City Neighborhoods, sorted by tweet rates, # of unique other accounts they interact with, Trends and Following, and User Configurable Culture as a completely free element.

Completely free does not mean without consequence from unjust or dishonorable malice

they need to Use a 2D and 3D Perspective angled Chart or Visual Space, having each user show as an orb or icon. the locations would be as vague or precise as the user chooses.

Now the Timeline will become as redundant as a system Log.

Customizably Decorated Speech Bubbles stem off each user orb. From this perspective, you will see the tweets occur as you fly through this space.

The edges of this space will be a Canvas.

Fabricated as sizable tiles, there will be an open default for user painting.

Not sure if a good idea: if there is a strong concentration of a particular ‘cloud’ adjacent to the walls, they will have “domain” influence, blocking users outside the ‘cloud’ from seeing or painting?

this ever expanding space will retain a more or less spherical shape, so every user can see the entire universe of Twitter Users.

Yes, it’ll be Massivead and Distant.

Not only are there Words to live through, there is now an immersivead environment, and an outlet of Artad, Soundad and Videoad presented in a way that is easy and instinctual to exploread.

The point to all of this?
  1. it’ll be a cool fascinating new experience for the world to enjoy if they want to try it out. [MANY would]
  2. As the World Speaks, the clouds of mind and opinion become visualized and presented as feedback data for every user to reference to.
  3. the Connections would first of all have to be coded and defined with the most unbiased and balanced rules, backed with untampered data, intelligently and humanitarianly handled with historical Cultural Relevance taken into account. Yes, that would make this Scientific as fuck, but You need good Science to sustain a Society. So let’s get this one right okay? {IF FUCKING POSSIBLE}.
  4. As the ‘clouds’ dynamically change form and location, we will see right in front of our eyes how we can relate to each other.
  5. the idea is to create a bridge between every cloud.
  6. A Flawed Civilization of Obsessive Dogma and Technology Might actually convince itself to unite on a level they had always been too Wounded to reach.
humanity is too damn talented to carry on this age of a stale, simmering caldron of blood and gold. ad



ok now i’m hungry.

Haven’t eaten yet, but I kinda feel like I have a very similar Mental situation to Jessica Jones’ Mother. ………………………ad

just not violent.

blinking man.gif


cccreative fool

cccreative fool
He Set his wallpaper as
a picture of the same corner his computer is set up in, where he sits.
Taken in bad light.
Remembering the structure of language within the reaches of conscious memory,
he finds spark to stay sharp,
as if being told to.
He views the screen and see’s a user interface for
the game of Life [an unreasonably annoying name].
but now he can pay attention to himself,
at least a little bit closer to how well he can pay attention to others.

A method for keeping shit together?

is it worth the routine?

"It ain’t stupid if it works"

they remain under liimits

ah well. it’s all madness anyway

Life is a Fantasy

Life is a Fantasy

In whatever way you most enjoy your fantasies, carry your Life through such pathways of consideration, and Observe it. Analyze yourself with this moment of enlightenment, and find a path forward that which is undeniably the right path, if any such certainty can be found.

Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes

Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes

I got some Taco Bell tonight. you know, one of those nights where you’re out socializing [to say the least] and on your way home, you stop at the good ol’ Taco Bell for grub before crashing for the night.

I got Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, and They forgot the fork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but alas, the Local Thai Restaurant Mekong Thai bestowed upon me [recently] a plastic fork and spoon [Chop sticks too!].

We are saved.

Curse, or Terms of Service

Curse, or Terms of Service?

I have a constant need to organize "all that I have" routinely to sustain my sanity.

This can be as literal as words go, or [it] can be used as a task for any conceptual horde along the micro scale. [Macro scale would probably be more along the lines of infinity]

So, here I am re-organizing my bedroom once again.